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Elisabeth is passionate about Art and Adventure. Photography is about seeking light and new perspectives of the world around us. A pleasing image is fun to look at over and over again. It may express a message, a symbol, a feeling about who we are, what we like and where we want to be. It can express a mood, make you relax, bring back memories or simply, it's just the right fit and colour for your space.

Elisabeth's formal education in photography, ceramics and fine arts started in the 1970's. With the change-over from film to digital photography, Lis has been honing her digital darkroom skills and pushed her own photography into a direction whereby, she is receiving recognition with awards, winning and placing in competitions, selling her work as well as published in books, calendars, campaign posters and helped businesses improve their on-line sales with better images.

Never interested in mass-production, Elisabeth prefers to handle client's work with care and individual attention.

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